Headlight Restoration

Only $65 for both headlights.
Tail Lights Restoration For Only $45


What is headlight restoration?

Headlight restoration is the affordable alternative to headlight replacement. Headlight restoration involves cleaning, sanding, and polishing your headlight lens to remove contamination, then applying a clear protective coating to keep your headlights looking and performing like new. When properly executed, the headlight restoration process will restore the original lighting performance of the headlight and improve the cosmetic appearance.

Watch It Sparkle specializes in headlight restoration. Watch It Sparkle DOES NOT REPLACE YOUR HEADLIGHTS.

Headlight restoration or headlight replacement.

Headlight replacement requires the removal of your headlights, while headlight restoration does not. The cost associated with the replacement of you headlights with  labor at the dealership can cost you between $300 to $1900.

How long does a headlight restoration take?

In most cases, a headlight restoration can be completed in one hour or less. The clear protective coating applied to the lens should cure for one additional hour, so please allow two hours for your appointment. Full cure takes about one day so please do not wash or wax your vehicle for 24 hours after your appointment.

Paint Overspray Removal

Paint overspray happens more often than most people realize. If you run your hand over your vehicle paint and window surface and it feels bumpy and you see small color specs. And that did not come off when you washed your car it is most likely has been overspray.

Paint overspray occurs when paint particles are carried through the air, sometimes for several miles depending on wind conditions and land on surrounding vehicles in the area. If not removed can cause permanent damage to your vehicles paint surface. Our cleaning and removal techniques are based on the type of finish and contaminants involved. Our methods will not void any warranties.

We work closely with many construction companies and paint contractors in the area to safely remove overspray from vehicles that have been accidentally sprayed while painting office buildings, apartment complexes, houses and even other vehicles. We also handle damage from road paving and painting roads.

We can remove the following overspray materials: Paint and Cement.

All overspray removal must be quoted on each specific situation and amount of potential damage. Please contact us immediately to avoid further damage to your vehicle and schedule an appointment to restore your vehicle’s surface.

How long will it take to clean my vehicle?
Depending on the size and color of the vehicle and the severity of the overspray, a 2 man crew will average approximately 2-4 hours per vehicle.

Paint Correction also known as Swirl Mark Removal

Paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish. Paint correction can involve either the hand or machine application of varying grades of cleanser, polish or compound. A lot of people have swirl marks & spider webbing on their cars, and they probably aren’t even aware of it. To the trained eye, these marks are quite unsightly.  To the untrained eye, swirl marks can minimize the shine of the car, and affect its overall appearance without focusing on the actual swirls. Every job is different so let us know so we can come out and give you a quote .. Watch your car sparkle in every angle!