Price $6.00 per foot

Services include:

Hand wash and hand dry. Clean windows. Clean running boards, fenders, wheel wells, clean wheels and dress tires.

Price $11.00 per foot

Services Include:

Full Exterior Detail: Hand Washed, Hand Waxed

Hand Wash and Hand Wax with a high grade wax. Clean windows and screens. Clean drop down and tracks.  Clean aluminum. Clean running boards, fenders, wheel well, wheels and dress tires.

Price $12.00 per foot

Vacuum and scrub carpets. In addition to vacuuming we also treat stains to keep your carpets looking like new longer.

Shampoo Carpets service is available at an additional charge $100.

Polish hard floors. Scrubbing the linoleum throughout the RV. We will leave your hard flooring surfaces sparkling and smelling fantastic.

Clean the windows. Your windows take a beating during any trip, but we will clean them and, make it easy to enjoy your view along your way.

Dust the Blinds. Most RV’s have mini blinds or fabric shades. We will vacuum them to remove dust and keep them looking beautiful.

Clean the Kitchen. The fridge needs to be scrubbed, cabinets have to be wiped down and the kitchen sink should be cleaned.

Scrub the bathroom. Clean the toilet. Clean the shower. Clean the mirrors. Mop the bathroom floor.

Polish the woodwork and shine mirrors. Most RV’s have wood work throughout the RV. We will polish the wood grain.

We clean RV’s & make them Sparkle from top to bottom. With our services you can enjoy your RV on you next adventure!

We also Offer Full Interior House Keeping

Estimated Time 45-60 Minutes


Wash Only : $25  |  Detail : $80

Hand wash & Dry, Wind guard cleaned, Instrument panel wiped clean

Vinyl and leather seat treated to a “like new” condition (Detail Only)

Vehicle wheels, wheel wells and tires scrubbed clean

Scrubbed to remove bug splatter and road grime  

Wax and polish applied by hand on painted panels (Detail Only)

Tires dressed to a perfect shine


All chrome parts polished (Detail Only)